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Rebranding Nigeria.

TheNigerian Flag

Nigeria is  regarded as one of the most corrupt countries in the world today.It’s record of Governmental misfeasance and malfeasance is viewed as difficult,if not impossible,to match any where else in the world.Put simply Nigeria,in the minds  of  many people,both Nigerian and foreign alike,has a negative connotation.The fact that the Government has seen fit to launch a re-branding campaign,in a self-confessed effort to give  Nigeria a positive image,lends credence to this view of Nigeria as a byword for infamy.To re-brand effectively however,Government must resist the temptation to limit it’s efforts to mere propaganda.Headmaster-like exhortations in the print and electronic media will not change people’s view of  the country.

A brand is a sign,image,trade mark,symbol that is used to identify a product or service.Brands have  psychological as well as  experiential aspects.The experiential  aspect covers the totality of experience  at every level of contact with the product.On the other hand,the emotions,feelings,thoughts,perceptions that people associate with a certain product constitute the psychological aspect and is known as the brand image.In time the brand,in the minds of people,comes to represent all their expectations and information with regard to the product or service.The key to branding is to align the expectations and the  product experience by basing the expectations or the brand image on the brand experience with the result that the product comes to be seen as possessing certain unique qualities that distinguish it from other products.

When it comes to branding,what works for products and services will work for countries as well.The key to a  successful re-branding of Nigeria is simply drastically improved governance.The image of a great and serious country which we all crave,must be aligned behind the reality of a country that actually works.We must improve the Nigerian experience first.The primary target audience of the re-branding campaign has to be the Nigerian public.If we can improve the quality of life of our people by providing functinal public infrastructure,improving security,fighting corruption,improving regulatory oversight of all service providers such that they actually provide the services for which they are charging so much,holding free and fair election,e.t.c.,not only Nigerians but also the rest of the world will attest to the dawning of a new day indeed.The foreigners will take their cue from Nigerians.


2 responses to “Rebranding Nigeria.

  1. codliveroil September 17, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    I agree with what you say about re-branding.

    My opinion with it in it’s current form, is that this is nothing but a cynical distraction and window-dressing. A meaningless gesture. The core requirements such as getting the state to work have been neglected and it’s business as usual, maladministration, white elephants, corruption, flawed and foolish policies, physical decay, filth, high crime rate etc are all thriving.

    They should scrap the project and put their efforts into something more meaningful and productive. People are too full of s**t, believe me.

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