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Nigeria-Sex Strike.

According to news reports,the Nigerian chapter of a group,African women in diaspora,has issued a threat to go on a seven-day sex-strike,if the president does not declare his intention to run for the office of  president,in the  2011 elections.A sex-strike is a form of non-violent resistance,whereby a woman or group of women,seek to force their menfolk into a given course of action,by denying them sex for a defined period of time.

The sex-strike has a long history dating back to the ancient world,as the ancient philosopher,Aristophanes, would have us know.In the modern world,it has been used with varying degree of success,in places as diverse as Italy,Colombia,Liberia and Kenya to mention a few.The question is whether in a country,lacking a culture mass political activism,all sexually active women can be persuaded to sign up.

At first,i thought that,given Nigerian men’s gifts for extra-marital forays,the men would simply not notice especially given the short period of time involved.But,on second thought,i have come to realize that an alliance of wives,mistresses,girlfriends,commercial sex-workers might actually get the attention of the menfolk.With no ladies,of any stripe,to turn to,the men may actually be forced to pay attention to the ladies’ demand.

At the very least,in a country which is obsessed with sex,not only because most men think of little else,but also because any public display  or discussion of sex is anathema,the president may be forced to accelerate his “consultation with stakeholders” and take a position,if only to bring this episode to a swift end.Were that to happen,the women would have won a notable victory.


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