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The Arsenal Way

Arsenal Crest

With another premier league season just around the corner,football buffs are getting ready for another season of exciting action on the pitch and boisterous punditry,mostly uninformed,off the pitch.Especially Arsenal fans,the Gunners.For,within the football fan-world,the Arsenal is a lightning rod,around which swirl intense emotions,feelings and expectations.Fans  either love it a lot or they view it with extreme hatred.No middle ground here.

I believe Arsenal’s emotivity has to do with the principles underlying it’s operation under the management of Arsene Wenger.It is not just the brilliant football on offer.It is basically about arsenal’s embodiment of three basic ideas about life in general,that transcend the world of football.Ideas that resonate strongly with the public.As you can imagine,not everybody would love the ideas.One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

The first of these ideas is that money is not everything.You do not have to rob a bank to be competitive.You can be successful while living within your means.Second,the little guy still has a chance to excel in life.Despite having the youngest and least experienced team in the league,Arsenal has kept in touch with the best teams.Third,it is not necessary to be cynical to succeed in life.Arsenal has stayed at the top of the division,despite spurning negative or functional football in favour of a brilliant and entertaining brand of football.This is the Arsenal way.

Those fans who love Arsenal,usually people who  find that the Arsenal way dovetails with their life principles,do not regard trophies as the sole parameter for measuring success.After five years without winning any trophies,however,they would be greatly encouraged if Arsenal won any trophies this season.Apart from the bragging rights that come with winning,it would build confidence in the Arsenal way,if the sentiments expressed therein could be made flesh in a more tangible form,like a trophy.

Those non-fastidious people who care about only winning,without any regard as to how the victory is secured,naturally would hate the Arsenal way.For these fans(no class barbarians),the end justifies the means.The Arsenal way is a reproof to them.This why they feel such strong animosity for the Arsenal.


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