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Nigeria-The Jungle,Enforcement,Moral Suasion and Society

The basic condition for humanity is a sense of fairness.Lose your sense of fairness and you lose your humanity.You are dehumanized.This is what the jungle does.The jungle dehumanizes because it recognizes only the imperative of survival.The jungle has room only for the person who comes out on top,by trampling others underneath.The basic characteristic of the jungle is the survival of the fittest.The fittest being the person who steals,kills,cheats and lies the most.There is absolutely no room for morality.This Darwinian selection ensures that  the immoral succeed,and at the expense of the moral.

Any society that rewards lawless behaviour,will be dominated politically and economically by people of scant integrity.Since you can not give what you do not have,there will be a deficit of integrity,further promoting and idealizing lawless and immoral behaviour.You have to remember that every one wants to succeed.When people realize that those who cut corners ,bent every rule,broke every law,undermined every convention,forged or bought educational qualifications, are celebrated by society,instead of being stigmatized,prosecuted and jailed,they are encouraged to do the same.Gradually,a value-system that esteems only money and position will emerge.When this happens people have lost all sense of morality.

Moral suasion is simply about appealing to somebody’s sense of morality or recommending an ethical standard to another.The problem is that appealing to someone without a sense of morality is not very helpful is it?Complaining or cursing them will not do it either.What is required is enforcement.We need to make laws and enforce them.The Bible says in the book of Romans chapter 4 verse 15,that without the law there is no transgression.This simply means that if the laws are not enforced,then there are no crimes.Anything goes.Impunity reigns.The reason public officials have a healthy contempt for us is because they know,they can not be made accountable for their actions.

If  laws were enforced,not only would people watch their conduct,but more importantly,we would get a better breed of politicians and officials,as only people who want to serve society would seek public office.Enforcement has a normative function,in that by interdicting certain attitudes,people are encouraged to do the right thing.If people see that breaking the law in any way,shape or form is attended by prosecution and possibly imprisonment,they will be persuaded of the benefits of law-abidingness.Zero-tolerance of criminal behaviour across the entire society,at every level,will lead to positive socialization.Moral suasion is beneficial,when it complements enforcement.Without enforcement,society reverts back to the jungle.


4 responses to “Nigeria-The Jungle,Enforcement,Moral Suasion and Society

  1. kunlele September 8, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Your write-up was thought-provoking. I hope these so-called our leaders even take out time to surf useful blog such as this with a view to getting progressive ideas that can better drive the nation forward. I believe every single point of view expressed in this piece. We have laws but lack implementation. We have rulers but lack leaders. We have descerning citizens but deaf and dumb foremen at the elms of affairs in governance and they have continued to impoverish us. 2011 is by the corner, I think it is high time the electorate used their political powers judiciously. We have been widowed and orphaned while those on top close their eyes to the horrendous plight of the masses. I concur that many laws have been enacted in this country. The only challenge we currently have is that of implemntation so that or humanistic society will not fully become a jungle. I will make repeat visits to this blog . Good pictures are used to illustrate the pic. Kudos!

  2. henryik2009 September 9, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    Thanks for your comment.We definitely have no real leaders.Please you are welcome to visit as often as you like.

  3. dapxin February 20, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    You helped me clarify why I hear jungle each time I contemplate Nigeria…

  4. henryik2009 February 21, 2011 at 9:35 am

    Hi Dapxin,
    Thanks for your comment.The good thing about it,is that Nigeria’s problem is not because of the colour or tribe of it’s people.It’s problem is systemic,and systems,unlike tribe or race,can be changed.We only need to find the will.So there is hope.

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